Edward J. Harding III


Edward Harding began his career as an entrepreneur in 1969 when he became a salesman at The National Music Company, a company that sold cassette tapes in the home directly to the retail customer. By 1971, Ed Harding was the number one salesperson in the company competing with other distributorships nationwide. After becoming the tope salesperson, Ed Harding broadened his vision by realizing that he could do only 100% of his personal production. In practicing the universal principal "in order to keep it, you have to give it away," Ed began training new recruits for free. Within six months, he developed the most productive team in the company and was promoted to district manager. Three months later his district was #1!

It was during this period that Ed Harding gave Tony Robbins, the American self-help author and motivational speaker, his first job in sales. This is where Tony Robbins first heard the phrase "positive thinking" and learned the rules of influence.

Ed Harding conducted sales seminars daily teaching effective methods for handling objections and closing sales. His lectures are strong in personal motivation stating that anyone who would do exactly what he was told could be earning $100,000 a year in less than one year. He trained thousands of people nationwide.

Tony Robbins followed those instructions, and one year later, opened his worldwide successful seminar business – the rest, as they say – is history!

Ed Harding continued to open hundreds of dealerships nationwide.  By 1980, he reached a new level becoming a millionaire and was promoted to national sales manager supervising distributorships from New York to Hawaii.  Ed’s vision and leadership created new and inventive sources of financing which eventually financed all sales nationwide.

This experience in financing resulted in additional revenue exceeding $300,000,000. Because of his success in sales and financing, Ed Harding became an equity partner in the company. He opened his own fiancé company which produced millions of dollars in receivables.

Throughout his marketing career, Ed Harding received his inspiration from the original icons of sales and motivational speaking, including Joe Martin, J. Douglas Edwards, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, and Zig Zigler. Ed Harding combined the principles he learned with the spiritual teachings of Emmet Fox resulting in his ability to teach tens of thousands of people to reach wealth beyond their wildest dreams.

One example of Ed Harding's successful students is Jerry Chamales who started Rhinotek Computer Products in a one-room apartments in Venice, California and built it into a $60,000,000 a year business. Chamales' company received national recognition in The Wall Street Journal, NBC News, The O'Reilly Factor as well as being voted Entrepreneur of the Year in Southern California.

Sales, motivation, and positive thinking applied with spiritual principles became the hallmark of Ed Harding's dynamic presentation. Ed continued as an equity partner in The National Music Company, which became Cassette Library Associates, until 1993 when he realized a tremendous opportunity created by the real estate recession.

He began purchasing foreclosed apartment complexes, and by 1999, Ed Harding's vision resulted in the ownership of thirty-two separate apartment communities, an auto center, a regional shopping center, as well as single-family homes and condos. He founded his own management company which today operates all of the holdings as well as providing jobs to people throughout the Inland Empire.

By 2005 his real estate portfolio was valued in excess of $100 Million Dollars.

Ed Harding's skills include Sales, Motivational Speaking, Personal Coaching, Finance, Growth & Investment, as well as state-of-the-art management techniques.

Ed continues to advise and influence many successful entrepreneurs who are currently growing their own businesses.

When they call ED -- They call for one reason: RESULTS!

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