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Ed Harding has been my mentor for the last 26 years. By following his Seven Steps of Successful Selling and being a diligent student, I went from a loser to a multi-millionaire. What worked for me will work for my organization, so I've just ordered copies of his book for every member of my sales team. If you don't believe me, try it yourself!

Alan Jacob, CFO
Digital Dolphin Supplies


Ed's infectious style of teaching helped me to internalize the concepts that I need to succeed in the world of sales.

David Evans
San Marcos, CA

I just spent the most incredible time listening to Mr. Ed Harding. Mr. Harding is a walking wealth of knowledge, not only on the topic of sales, but also in history. Mr. Harding is full of life, and I could have listened to him another hour. A man full of wisdom and inspiration.

Jera Culbert
Los Angeles, CA

As the CEO of the company I founded a couple of years ago, my team and I live and die on sales. Spending two hours with Ed helped me think through the most effective processes for me and my sales team. Even with an MBA from Yale and years in corporate America, I had never received such specific and powerful lessons in the sales process. What an amazing resource to be able to get inside the head of Ed Harding for a couple of hours!

Jennifer McKinley
CEO Cor, Los Angeles, CA

I have now completed reading Ed's book. Really enjoyed it - for two reasons. It contains a lot of great advice. I am already figuring out ways to apply it to what I do. Everybody sells in life. We all sell ourselves to others. I sell estate plans. So a lot of the ideas Ed has in the book can be applied to the way I earn a living. I am going to read it again. This time with a pen and highlighter in hand. The second reason I really enjoyed the book is that you really get to know Ed as a person. And to a lesser extent, Joe Martin. It was just a great book to read.

Richard J. Albrecht, Esq.
Irvine, California

I first met Ed Harding over dinner in Las Vegas with a group of new friends. He is charismatic, full of energy, and always has a lesson or contribution to offer at any given moment. It wasn't until I got a chance to hear Mr. Harding speak at a seminar that I understood his extensive sales background. I have never been in sales before and I never considered it a pliable option for me. However, the tips I learned from his talk made me realize that by being diligent and applying certain concepts, I could learn to be successful in sales with hard work and practice. I think the most important thing to understand about Ed, is that what he gives you is everything he's got. He won't hold back and he will always be honest. I look for sincerity and honesty in a mentor and with Ed that is exactly what you get. Thanks for everything you have taught me thus far, Ed. I look forward to many more stories, laughs, and lessons!

Rebecca Tillinghast
Pawtucket, RI

Hearing Ed Harding speak was incredible. He truly has a good value information to share and you can't get it anywhere else. He teaches "Seven Steps of Successful Selling", which you can implement into your business and see your profits increase immediately. In his book, he also dedicates an entire chapter to just "selling steps". When you meet him personally, you'll notice that he's really nice, very sincere and relates to you on a personal level. Being around him and listening to him talk allows you to envision success. That's how powerful his teachings are. I can't wait to see him at his next event.

Katerina Hencova
Anaheim, CA

My name is Paul Schumann, I have been in Real Estate for more than 30 years as a broker. I have taken many courses in every field of personal growth and sales from the top leaders in the industry. When I listened to Ed Harding speak about sales at its basics it brought me back to a reality how powerful sales can be. He is an amazing leader and speaker. I recommend his work to anybody that wants to achieve true success.

Paul Schumann

Having been involved in sales, online & offline, for a number of years, I have learned what works and what doesn't work through experience and extended training. However, even just spending an hour listening to Ed explain sales, it was apparent how I was leaving money on the table…especially after I heard about his "Lost Sale Close". More importantly, what is unmistakable about Ed is his unwavering commitment to servicing a customer with the highest ethics and integrity. He genuinely wants to do what is in the higher good of his customer.

Nic Mitchell
Oceanside, CA

Ed has obviously developed the habit of helping people succeed. He has made a fortune teaching people who work for him to achieve excellence and now he is sharing his years of experience and perfected skills in lectures and a new book that (if followed) is guaranteed to take your sales career to the next level. Ed is honest, genuine and fun to listen to because his lessons are full of personal stories and anecdotes fit for a movie.

Paul Scott
Hawthorne, CA

Ed Harding is a true sales genius. He combines a lifetime of "in the trenches" sales wisdom with a modern, common sense approach to today's business and sales challenges. I highly recommend Ed's book.

John Kelly
San Diego, CA

Ed has a way to make selling seem so easy and rewarding. Ed also has the ability to deliver sales content in such a way that when he is done, you are convinced that utilizing his sales ideas will definitely increase your sales in a phenomenal way. In fact you know that success is only moments away.

Ressonyia Andersen
Huntington Beach, CA

Anyone who has ever – or will ever – sell anything to anyone would be fortunate to have the wisdom, experience and compassionate sincerity of Ed Harding imparted upon them.

Franco Sama
Beverly Hills, CA

It was another inspirational session with Mr. Ed Harding. He possesses a lifetime of knowledge in the field of sales, and he is more than willing to share his information with all whom are ready to receive. The lost art of direct sales is truly a lost art! You will understand my meaning once you have heard Mr. Harding speak on the subject. Mr. Harding presents valuable knowledge mixed with a witty sense of humor. He has been a pleasure to listen to and learn from.

Alysia Ferrer
Los Angeles, CA

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