Learn From An Entrepreneur Who
Has Walked The Walk & Not Just
Talked The Talk!

Learn from a master sales trainer whose successes include, not only just talking about success in business, but also actually accomplishing success in a number of businesses from start-up to creating cash flow & then learning how to invest the cash flow once it is created.

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Ed Harding has mastered every area of business under all circumstances from times of prosperity to surviving the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Specializing in Life, Sales, & Business Coaching

Ed Harding is a dynamic, hard-hitting, to-the-point speaker! He is honest and speaks, not only from the heart, but also from 40 years of practical experience from being "in the trenches" and on the front line in every economic business climate from the peak of prosperity to the depths of recession.
He teaches clients to immediately improve their performance, not only with an attitude of gratitude, but also with the rules of professional conduct combined with simple common sense strategies that work!

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Goals and Values
Goals are a very interesting and necessary part of any person's plan to become successful. Goals give you a reason to get out of bed and charge into the day. I have set goals since I discovered that I wanted to become successful.
I have been in Real Estate for more than 30 years as a broker. I have taken many courses in every field of personal growth and sales from the top leaders in the industry. When I listened to Ed Harding speak about sales at its basics it brought me back to a reality how powerful sales can be. He is an amazing leader and speaker. I recommend his work to anybody that wants to achieve true success.
~Paul Schumann

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